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Our Services:

Weekly Services:

Elam Pool Service, LLC. shall provide the following services each week:

  • Pool vacuumed as needed
  • Pool surface skimmed as needed
  • Filter backwashed as needed
  • Skimmer baskets cleaned
  • Pump baskets cleaned
  • Pool equipment operation inspected
  • Pool walls, floor, and tile to be brushed as needed
  • Water tested and balanced as needed

Salt Blasting Pool Tile Cleaning:

Kieserite, which is salt similar to Epsom salt, is shot at a low pressure against the tiles and calcium. Once the kieserite hits the calcium, it dissolves through an abrasive process. This salt is just hard enough to remove the calcium while not messing up your pool tile. This stuff falls to the bottom of the pool where it is then vacuumed up. Kieserite is PH neutral, non-hazardous, water soluble, and environmentally friendly. This is why Kiserite is used for cleaning pools along with its non-damaging properties.

EPS is one of the only pool service companies that use Kieserite to clean pool tiles. This method is safer and less damaging to glass beading, which damages pool tiles while Kieserite safely removes oily residue, mold, algae, mineral deposits, calcium, and scale form tiles. While it is a safer alternative to glass beading, Kieserite is not safe for non-professional use, so let Elam Pool Service aid you in cleaning your pool with Kieserite!

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Elam Pool Service, LLC. is a pool cleaning/repair service operating in the Mandeville/ Covington area.